Singapore Study Tour 2013!!!!

Look out for new photos here !!!!

The 65th Hong Kong Speech Festival Syllabus (incompleted version)new
TWGHs Joint Secondary Schools Oxbridge Englsih Camp 2013new
A Dramatic Experience in French for Our Studentsnew
LAC Fun Daynew
Inter-class Design Competitionnew
Vote for your Favourite Newsnew
Sun Hoi’s Drama Inc. presents Wisdom for Salenew
GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE DIALOGUE with foreign and local HKU students new
"Tackling DSE English with Confidence" seminar at University of Hong Kong new
Sun Hoi Warmly Welcomes the visit of Anderson Secondary School of Singaporenew
Visit to T.W.G.Hs Tang Shiu Kin Primary School 2012 new

English Builder!!!!! SD2!!

cut off date:17/6 (chapters to be counted in exam: 1/2 - 31/3)

Completion rate: (90-100%: 3marks, 70- 89%:2marks, 50-69%:1 marks, 0-49%: 0marks) Satisfactory rate: (70-100%: 2marks, 50-69%: 1marks, 0-49%: 0 marks)

For Form 5 students, please finish the unfinished SD2 exercises!

Please vote for your favourite design!new



A Short Story Writing Competition 2013new

If students feel interested, please find Ms. Man.


Sun Hoi Graduate Appears in South China Morning Post new


Visit to Chow Chin Yau School English Day 2012

Sun Hoi students help out local primary school's English Day

Oxbridge English Camp 2012

Gold Coast Study Tour 2012



English Builder Awards



Sun Hoi Winner of Clipit Competition 2012 - Doomsday

To see other winning clips produced by Sun Hoi:

2nd prize: The Thirst Game

4th prize: Life Water


LAC Activity

Statistics Creative-Writing Competition

Speak Out – Act Up Competition

video: Curiousity Kills the Cat


Our Students Were Placed FOURTH EDB Speak Out – Act Up Improvised Drama Competition


Results of Inter-house Drama and Singing Competition


Congratulations to Sun Hoi student Andrew Poon Chun Kit winning in HKU Essay Competition


X-Factors Auditions

Come to support your houses !!!!

Announcement of Results of
64th Schools Speech Festival

Teachers' Workshop

---- Social Issue

Take a look at the photos of

Singapore Study Tour 2011!

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EDB Clipit Competition 2012




Mid Dec

Students are reminded to check particulars of their entry and download poems from the English World.













Biliteracy & Trilingualism Composition & Speech Contest




31 Oct


Talk in Baptist University  
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