Sun Hoi students help out local primary school’s English Day

On Wednesday 11th July---- students from Forms 2 and 5 visited Chow Chun Yau Primary School to assist in the running of their English Day. Led by our Panel Chair Mrs. Cheng and our NET Mr. Anderson the Sun Hoi students (2A) CHAN WING SZE, CHAN YIN TING, LAU PUI YAN, LIU LEONG KIU, NG SZE WING, NGAI LOK YEE, RAEESAH RIAZ, TIN SIN YEE, WONG HO LAM, WONG WAI MUI, YAN KA KI, YEUNG TSZ SUET, YEUNG WING SHAN, CHAN CHIN KI, CHAN HO YUEN, (5A) KWOK WING HAN, (5B) HO MAN WAI, WONG LOK YIU, MAK KA LAM, LEUNG LAI KWAN KANSAS  ran the game stalls for the day’s  activities.

This was a very worthwhile activity both for the primary students who really enjoyed themselves and for our own students who were given an opportunity to use their English and also perhaps to reflect on how they personally had developed from their own primary days, just a few short years ago.


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